5 Risky Beauty Tips If Try Regularly Will Do More Harm Than Good

With so much festivity going on, you ought to be paying regular visits to parlour for various Risky beauty tips. Or, you may be opting for various home-made products for organic beauty.

After all, you need to shine on every event! But before you go to your next salon appointment or use a home remedy, here is a word of warning — too much of what’s bad. Yes, all those facials, pedicures, baldness and other things which you do every other day might do more harm than good. Let us scroll and have a look at them:

1. Hair shine (Risky Beauty tips) 

Risky beauty tips
Silky, smooth and shiny lustrous locks are fantasy for each woman, which explains why they do not shy away from becoming keratin therapy again and again to their own hair. It’s fine if you do it once in a while, but normal use of it may have a couple of side effects. According toformaldehyde included in products used for these therapies can have adverse effects on your own eyes, nervous and circulatory system. It might even cause cancer. Simply speaking, inhaling formaldehyde fumes is unhealthy so think twice before obtaining this kind therapy on routine basis.

2. Manicures and pedicures (Risky Beauty tips) 

Risky beauty tips

Next time once you receive the manicure and pedicure done, do listen to the cleanliness factor of this salon and also of those cleaning gear. Dirty bath, unsanitised nail files, cuticle cutter and clippers can lead to various fungal, fungal and viral infections. Keep away from gel manicures too because they could expose you to harmful UV light, and may also harm nail cuticles and weaken the nail bed. Even nail buffing, which you get done for glistening nails may make them fragile because each time you to get this therapy, you’re essentially stripping off a coating of your nail which makes it weaker.

3. Exfoliation

Scrubbing/exfoliation is the best way to remove dead cells from the skin, but only when done at regular intervals. By exfoliating every other day, you are not allowing the skin to regenerate. You are in fact damaging your skin by removing too much skin prematurely. Also, over-exfoliation can cause inflammation in the skin and weaken the barrier function, making it vulnerable to infection.

4. Fish pedicures

Risky beauty tips

A lot of men and women find fish pedicures a fun experience, however, fish pedicures can create significant health problems. According to study, if the water of fish tank isn’t affected and sanitised after each use, it may result in several infections. However, the larger problem is that the fish. Since fish can not be sanitised such as nail files and clippers, there are opportunities that many skin ailments, hepatitis and AIDS can disperse them through as same fish are utilized for every single client. So, be cautious about the area from where you’re planning to get miniature fish nibble the lifeless skin tissues of your feet. In case you have any cut or wound on your leg don’t get fish pedicure done.

5. Fake eyelash

Stop wearing fake eyelash everyday if you do so! It might enhance the look of your eyes, but with regular use you might end up losing your real eye lashes due to the glue which pulls them off. So, it’s better to avoid using them on a regular basis though you can wear them on some special occassion and function.